Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Hundred and Twenty-second Posting ............ ( Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back )

Ha Ha, a sudden blog posting, and a quick one! Today is my brother's birthday! His friend, Wee Hian dropped by our house with his Xbox 360 to give my brother a surprise. After that, we headed out to Compass Point and have our dinner. Dinner for the day: Pizza Hut. In the past, I could eat 6 slices of pizzas at one go, now only can struggle to eat 3... I am getting OLD!!! Crap...

Anyways, today I also got a little surprise of my own for him. Today, at the Seng Kang Community Center held the movie as stated on the title: "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" I even secretly brought along his Nerf recon gun to add in the fun. Took a few photos and watched the movie again in the theater on Level 3.

My brother and his friend, along with two stormtroopers!

Me with my RC helmet!

TIE Pliot: " Point at my TIE fighter! "

Imperial Officer: "Hold these prisoners while I get more of them."

R2-D2 made another appearance, alone... without C3PO!

Oh yea. I forgotten to post yesterday. I FINALLY GOTTEN MY RC HELMET! Ha ha, it's is like the super-duper cool helmet and it's all MINE!!!! Might need to do a little work on the RC helmet as the duck tape holding the visor and electronics are only temporary. Ha ha, time to work!!!

HA HA!!! My RC Commando Helmet!!

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