Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Fifty-Second Posting................(Chinese New Year 2009)

Today is Chinese New Year eve and my mother today went to help my uncle's shop. I think you would already heard of it. It used to be called "Jing Jing Dessert House", now it's called "Xin Jing Jing Restaurant". The shop still sells dessert but it transformed into a restaurant. Anyway, by my count, it approximaty 1 hour and 30 more mins to Chinese New Year. My mother also put my in charge of clearing up the house and whatnots. Also, not but not least, I wish everybody a happy and wonderful 2009!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fifty-First Posting .............. ( The week before Chinese New Year )

Well everybody, it is the day again and it is Chinese New Year! A time where families and relatives come together and have a joyous day celebrating. Today, I so call "Flung" my A.maths test. Mistook the (x+1)² into (x²+1), it turns into Bx+C/(x+1)² instead of B/(x+1) + C/(x+1)². What's done is done and let bygones be bygones. Got a 30/35. Linear law also minus one mark because my graph is basic graph instead of Mr Lee's expected graph. I shall reflect upon my mistakes and TK! You better not write anything on my cbox that is totally stupid or idiotic stuff. Also, Mr Krishnan gave us 7 homework includes spelling and vocab. Today, I have finished the vocab worksheet. I still got Chinese "口语训练" even do yet. Trying to memorize it before Chinese New Year. Now of to sleep, tomorrow got A.maths and English tuition. Hopefully, I can get at least a A2 for Chinese then DROP! HA HA.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fifty Posting ............... ( Got an A1 for E.maths )

Well, after such a lengthy journey to the end, it is just another set of a new beginning. Since Jan 2008, my classmates and I took a kind of "one way road" and try to achieve an A1 for E.maths 'O' Level. It has been almost a year and on 12th of January, many others fought hard too for their Chinese 'O' Level, we finally got our results. I unexpectedly got an A1 along with Alyssa, Joanna and Jie Yi. (I think...) The other scored A2 and/or below. Quite a few did not want to repeat this year but Mr Lee insist that they do because they already got the experience and they can get a better score this year. Althought I might not look enthusiastic on the outside, I am actually happy on the inside. I also want to take this opportunity to thanks Mr Ting for being our E.maths 'O' Level teacher (08) and Mr Lee (08/09) for his support. Last but not least, I want to thanks all my friends around me and the teachers and staff of Nan Chiau High whom gave me this chance to prove myself to be a somebody. Thanks for reading this blog entry.

(Info above might be incorrect, check with the actual people.....)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Forty-Ninth Posting ................( A week in school )

Well, during the first week since school had opened, I can say that it is quite ok. Nothing much happened lately, playing computer not too much and doing a lot of English homework. Now still doing English homework. HA HA.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Forty-Eighth Posting...........( First day at school of 2009 )

Well, i can't say that this is going to be a fun year. While, some students can just cope with 4 more subjects, other might need to face 5 or 6 subjects. Now, the ironic part comes in. This year, Class 5A had Mr Krishnan as our English teacher. Ironically, he pushes us with a whole lot of homework and drills. Memorize 20 spelling a long with their meaning. Do two journal entries and some more work. Nothing much to say now because i am still doing his work!! Hopefully, my E.maths quickly get A1!!!!