Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fifty Posting ............... ( Got an A1 for E.maths )

Well, after such a lengthy journey to the end, it is just another set of a new beginning. Since Jan 2008, my classmates and I took a kind of "one way road" and try to achieve an A1 for E.maths 'O' Level. It has been almost a year and on 12th of January, many others fought hard too for their Chinese 'O' Level, we finally got our results. I unexpectedly got an A1 along with Alyssa, Joanna and Jie Yi. (I think...) The other scored A2 and/or below. Quite a few did not want to repeat this year but Mr Lee insist that they do because they already got the experience and they can get a better score this year. Althought I might not look enthusiastic on the outside, I am actually happy on the inside. I also want to take this opportunity to thanks Mr Ting for being our E.maths 'O' Level teacher (08) and Mr Lee (08/09) for his support. Last but not least, I want to thanks all my friends around me and the teachers and staff of Nan Chiau High whom gave me this chance to prove myself to be a somebody. Thanks for reading this blog entry.

(Info above might be incorrect, check with the actual people.....)

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