Friday, October 24, 2008

The Thirty-Ninth Posting........(Friends of friends)

Well, as you know, i am now a friends of friends person. Thanks to the students and teachers who had voted me for this award and hope that I can do much more than what I did this year. Also, today happens to be the 11 of us taking the 'O' level E.maths exam. Did not thought that the paper was quite easy. The questions asked was quite straight-forward, find this and find that. Got a few doubts but i think with my paper 1, I can score a good grade. Last but not least, thanks for the people wishing us the best of luck. Thank you!^^

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Thirty-Eighth Posting......(Tomorrow's last day of school!!!!)

Well everybody, tomorrow's is all our last day as Sec 4B&C and some of us are preparing for 'O' level E.maths and Chinese. Also, Mr Ting wanted those taking Chinese and E.maths to relax tomorrow and be mentally prepare for 24th October E.maths Paper 1. Nothing special happen to me these few days. Although, Mr Lee started to teach us some stuff about Modulus Function. I completely slam that chapter when Mr Lee ask us to do some of the questions. HA HA! As, for my 'O' Level E.maths, still continue to have an average mark on other school papers. Today, Mr Ting gave us the Anderson Paper to do. Also, he said that if we can get a good mark for that paper, he can guarantee an A1. Of course, I always did averagely and i scored a 40/80, crap... Anyway, wish all the best of luck to all students who are taking 'O' Level this year. GO GO GO!!!

P.S who knows where to get blogspot layouts or those things at the back..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Thirty-Seventh Posting.......(Super boring day...)

Well, what can i start writing? Today is like super boring, you know why? Because i used the computer from morning till now, and all i done was playing game. In combat arms, i am finally a Staff Sergent (SSG) Hope that in real life, i can obtain that rank. Let the power of youth explode within me!! Dynamic entry!!!!! Well, other than that, i kept watching red vs blue from season 2 to season 5. By the way, Red vs Blue Reconstruction is getting better and better. At the latest chapter, Church realized that he was the most powerful AI in the universe, the Alpha AI. Also, PLEASE!!! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! I'M BORED AT HOME!!! Being at home all day was not as fun as i thought it would be.... Remember, if you all are going out or something, please... ask me to tag along!!!!