Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Sixty-Second Posting ..............( type message here )

This is the answer for Q3.

Just to clarify that tomorrow is will be posting questions. Remember, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I post questions. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I post answers. To everyone who visited this blog, is it possible for you all to write your name at the cbox?

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Sixty-First Posting ............ ( having a normal day )

This is today's question.

I think today's question does not pose a threat to anyone. Happy Birthday to Alyssa today for being 17 years old today!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sixty-Posting ...........( More and more questions are on the way! )

This is the answer for Q2. Simple, is it not?

The next question for tomorrow will be partial fraction, stay tune!!!!

The Fifty-Ninth Posting ............. ( Updates on my Online maths questions)

Here is today's question.

In prior to the previous question, though it may seem difficult at first, but I try to explain in word format next time. For Q1. ( the base of log, I change it to <7>. For example, Log<7>x) The first thing you should do is try to obtain log<7>x and log<7>y from the given equations,
log<7>x²y = p and log<7>xy² = q in terms of p and q. Once you get those, you can then substitute into the log<7>x²/y and log<7>(xy)^1/3 and get your answers. The formulas involved in this question is your 1) logm + logn = logmn 2) logm - logn = logm/n
3) log
m^n = n x logm

I know that it is difficult, but we all need to be exposed to this kind of questions. Do the best you can.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Fifty-Eighth Posting.............( Continue of the online maths questions )

Today is the second day of my online maths questions Here are the answer for yesterday's question.

The first part's answer is (5p-4q)/3 and the second part's answer is (p-q)/9
Tomorrow, I will still continue to give question. However, I give A.maths first as I need to source more about the rest's weakness.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Fifty-Seventh Posting ..............( The launch of A and E.maths questions!!!)

Today, I officially launched my A and E.maths questions on my blog. Sorry for the delay because my computer got problem. Anyways here is today's question.
I give only a A.maths question today because I did not have time to source for the E.maths questions. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will post questions. Then, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I will reveal the answer. I will also keep a record on my book or my thumb drive. If you have any enquirers, feel free to approach me. Hope you all will give me support!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Fifty-Sixth Posting ................. ( Improvement on blog with MATHS! )

This few days, I have a few good suggestions. First suggestion, a video lesson on YouTube. Indeed that was my first option but unfortunately, I do not have a camera or video recorder. My handphone's video recorder not very good.(X) Second suggestion, I have no idea what is media sharing. Also, when I see 'tio virus', I don't think that it a good idea as I am not very familiar with it.(X) Third suggestion, typing the questions out on MicroSoft Word. It can be done like what we saw in Mr Lee's laptop. However, his computer has already installed a maths eqution software inside it. Also, he said that the software is built-in. Unless, anyone can provide me with link to a legal download page, I would have to 'Bust' this suggestion.(X) Although the suggestion I received had a (X), but not to worry. The ideas is still be able to be re-considered and revise to improve it. I was think like a two day format. On the first day, I present a question for everybody to solve. On the next day, I show the answers. Then, on the third day, I give another question and so on and so forth. How does that sounds? Give me your opinion, and thank you for your time on reading this blog entry.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Fifty-Fifth Posting ................ ( A.maths on the WEB!!!)

Hello everybody. Today, I am about to set-up up a greater range for people who need my help in E.maths and/or A.maths. Because I can be a 24-hour maths helper and what not, but I have other things to handle also. I cannot possibly go around and round talking about the same question. That would be a waste of time. Sure it does seems that when you guys and girls call me, I have a lot of time like that. However, I got other matters to handle. Not to worry, I WILL still be at your assistance and I try to set-up questions, solutions and problem which I might be able to solve in my blog. Something like a forum. I was thinking about scanning solutions on my blog and then let you all see. Or, put that picture into a attachment as a form of Adobe format. Give comments, write about my idea whether is it stupid or not and I am not going to judge you or anything like that. Just remember to state your name because I want to know who want this thing to work.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Fifty-Fourth Posting .................(I AM ANGRY!!!!)

Well, today, we have our A.maths test and one of the questions got a problem. Notice that AH = 14/3 cm and ID = 1 cm. The method that is used is to use scale factor or by using similar triangles. The answer I got is 3 cm. But, Mr Lee is trying to tell us to use tangent-secant theorem. FD² = ID x AD. The problem is that he forgotten to include the HI value or he mistakenly put AH from AI. So, I think he might give us 3 marks for FREE! When I said that "Yes! Free 3 marks!", Alyssa cheered and stuff like that. "Wow, Mr Lee thanks for the marks!" or something like that. Also, I today do not have science tuition today and so go to eat lunch outside with Tse Kang, Derek, Sean, Josen, Si Hao, Ze Hong, Beatrice, Shi Yu, Kenneth and the "guest-of-honour", Serene. We go eat out at Pizza Hut, Compass Point branch. When I reached me destination, the most unfortunate thing happened. A few of CHIJ ST. Joseph's Convent students along with a "Stud man-woman". Because when I glance at them, the "Stud man-woman" was very werid! Let's call it, "Stud Les-Gay", "Stud-zilla" and stuff like that because it's face does not present it's gender properly. Normally when I see people with studs, I can infer what gender is he/she. But for "Stud-zilla", it's like "WHAT THE???? So, anyways back to the incident, the im-mature group started to spray the cheese and pepper at us. One time, they "accidentally" spray cheese on us and they said a VERY sarcastic "sorry". We just ignored them and continued our meal. They started to shout and yell vulgarities loudly like they were in their own home. Such unsightly attitude must be discipline. I am very annoyed by the student's behaviour and I hope that if any CHIJ ST. Joseph's Convent teachers, staff and students would to see this, please to something about it. Well, that concludes my blog entry today and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fifty-Third Posting..............(blogging for fun)

Well, for the last three days including today, a lot of things had happened. Monday, nothing much. Only yesterday was the more interesting part. Apparently, between the test that Mr Goh was giving us, he saw Wei An's Physics textbook on his table and assume that he was cheating. Mr Goh took away and Wei An started to shout at Mr Goh and they soon started bickering. In my opinion, I think Wei An dislike Mr Goh because he is an inexperienced teacher and most of us in the class thinks that we should not have any inexperience teachers because even though we are in normal stream, we should have good and experienced teachers. Now, most of us including Wei An regret that Mr See have gone away for his further studies. Today, the news spread like a wild fire. Even Mr Krishnan also know about the situation. Mr Lee also talked to Wei An about giving Mr Goh a chance to prove to us that he is able to give us the desired grade we want. Also, tomorrow is another A.maths class test. I will, repeat I WILL score a full mark for that test! Tomorrow, I would go through mostly the formulas of Logarithms, Partial Fractions, modulus Function, Linear Law, Plane Geometry and hopefully the entire thing about Trigonometry!!! Although I cannot write all the A.maths formulas in words, I try to scan everything and post it in my blog one day. Also, I am thinking about making a A.maths solution videos and put it in Youtube. Unfortunately, I do not have any video camera. Hopefully, a kind soul would borrow me or I suddenly have a lot of money to buy one myself. HA HA, I so ambitious!