Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Fifty-Ninth Posting ............. ( Updates on my Online maths questions)

Here is today's question.

In prior to the previous question, though it may seem difficult at first, but I try to explain in word format next time. For Q1. ( the base of log, I change it to <7>. For example, Log<7>x) The first thing you should do is try to obtain log<7>x and log<7>y from the given equations,
log<7>x²y = p and log<7>xy² = q in terms of p and q. Once you get those, you can then substitute into the log<7>x²/y and log<7>(xy)^1/3 and get your answers. The formulas involved in this question is your 1) logm + logn = logmn 2) logm - logn = logm/n
3) log
m^n = n x logm

I know that it is difficult, but we all need to be exposed to this kind of questions. Do the best you can.

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