Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Fifty-Fourth Posting .................(I AM ANGRY!!!!)

Well, today, we have our A.maths test and one of the questions got a problem. Notice that AH = 14/3 cm and ID = 1 cm. The method that is used is to use scale factor or by using similar triangles. The answer I got is 3 cm. But, Mr Lee is trying to tell us to use tangent-secant theorem. FD² = ID x AD. The problem is that he forgotten to include the HI value or he mistakenly put AH from AI. So, I think he might give us 3 marks for FREE! When I said that "Yes! Free 3 marks!", Alyssa cheered and stuff like that. "Wow, Mr Lee thanks for the marks!" or something like that. Also, I today do not have science tuition today and so go to eat lunch outside with Tse Kang, Derek, Sean, Josen, Si Hao, Ze Hong, Beatrice, Shi Yu, Kenneth and the "guest-of-honour", Serene. We go eat out at Pizza Hut, Compass Point branch. When I reached me destination, the most unfortunate thing happened. A few of CHIJ ST. Joseph's Convent students along with a "Stud man-woman". Because when I glance at them, the "Stud man-woman" was very werid! Let's call it, "Stud Les-Gay", "Stud-zilla" and stuff like that because it's face does not present it's gender properly. Normally when I see people with studs, I can infer what gender is he/she. But for "Stud-zilla", it's like "WHAT THE???? So, anyways back to the incident, the im-mature group started to spray the cheese and pepper at us. One time, they "accidentally" spray cheese on us and they said a VERY sarcastic "sorry". We just ignored them and continued our meal. They started to shout and yell vulgarities loudly like they were in their own home. Such unsightly attitude must be discipline. I am very annoyed by the student's behaviour and I hope that if any CHIJ ST. Joseph's Convent teachers, staff and students would to see this, please to something about it. Well, that concludes my blog entry today and enjoy!

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