Friday, February 20, 2009

The Fifty-Sixth Posting ................. ( Improvement on blog with MATHS! )

This few days, I have a few good suggestions. First suggestion, a video lesson on YouTube. Indeed that was my first option but unfortunately, I do not have a camera or video recorder. My handphone's video recorder not very good.(X) Second suggestion, I have no idea what is media sharing. Also, when I see 'tio virus', I don't think that it a good idea as I am not very familiar with it.(X) Third suggestion, typing the questions out on MicroSoft Word. It can be done like what we saw in Mr Lee's laptop. However, his computer has already installed a maths eqution software inside it. Also, he said that the software is built-in. Unless, anyone can provide me with link to a legal download page, I would have to 'Bust' this suggestion.(X) Although the suggestion I received had a (X), but not to worry. The ideas is still be able to be re-considered and revise to improve it. I was think like a two day format. On the first day, I present a question for everybody to solve. On the next day, I show the answers. Then, on the third day, I give another question and so on and so forth. How does that sounds? Give me your opinion, and thank you for your time on reading this blog entry.

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