Monday, February 16, 2009

The Fifty-Fifth Posting ................ ( A.maths on the WEB!!!)

Hello everybody. Today, I am about to set-up up a greater range for people who need my help in E.maths and/or A.maths. Because I can be a 24-hour maths helper and what not, but I have other things to handle also. I cannot possibly go around and round talking about the same question. That would be a waste of time. Sure it does seems that when you guys and girls call me, I have a lot of time like that. However, I got other matters to handle. Not to worry, I WILL still be at your assistance and I try to set-up questions, solutions and problem which I might be able to solve in my blog. Something like a forum. I was thinking about scanning solutions on my blog and then let you all see. Or, put that picture into a attachment as a form of Adobe format. Give comments, write about my idea whether is it stupid or not and I am not going to judge you or anything like that. Just remember to state your name because I want to know who want this thing to work.

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