Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Hundred and Ninth Posting .......... ( Sian without the 501st )

It has been about a week after the Chingay parade already and I have started to miss the guys and gals in the 501st Legion. Slept all the way from 0200 HRS to 1040 HRS. Not many things to anticipate yet.

1) Today, going to Derek's house. Hope it is a fun day.
2) Keith E Moss (current CO of Singapore Garrison) said that he might open a post-Chingay party or something, I am still waiting for the word.
3) Last but not least, St Patrick's Day. Keith offered me a post to be a temporary TD (Sandtrooper in Star Wars) during that day. It is the best reward for a Minder like me to have, I think...

But anyways, I want to thank the Singapore Garrison for the opportunity to work with them and once I have complete raising enough money for the armor set, I will be ready to officially join the Garrison with a REAL TK ID number!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Hundred and Eighth Posting .............. ( The Chingay Parade )

Well, it has been a long and tiring event, but we managed to pull it through. The Chingay Parade was a success! I became the Legion's "Imperial Medical Officer" or something. I was carrying 4 duck tapes (Black and White), Scissors, Plaster, some rope (who knows who might need it...), a Whistle and a Camera. I needed to do various repairs on their armor and assist them in wearing the armor. A lot of things need to be done at that time. I also got a chance to assist Darth Vader too! HA HA HA! Too bad during the telecast on Channel 8, the commentator read "Legion" as "Region" and little airtime was given to the Legion too. Only about a minute plus or so. Overall, the experience was a life-changing experience. Met a lot of new friends and learn brand new things. And these are some of the pictures.

I am at the right side =)

TKs: "Freeze, Rebel scum!"

The first Jawa in Singapore! ( I think...)

A Jawa selling armor parts for CASH! $$$

Stormtrooper: "HA HA, I finally caught the tail!"

"Guys, protect the 'Cai-shen Ye'!"

The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Hundred and Seventh Posting...........( A day at Chingay Parade )

Wow, it has been so long since I updated this blog. Let's hope that this post will try to revive my blog. Well, on 6th February 2010, I have attended this year's Chingay Parade. Wondering how I got into the parade? I recently joined a volunteering organization. The organization allows the volunteers to get into costumes and go to various events. If your first guess is cosplay, then you are only half correct. It isn't those anime cosplayers. It is the 501st Legion, Vader Fist, Singapore Garrison.

Well, although I did not took that much pictures, so the pictures I took during the rehearsal was little. I hope that during 18th, 19th and 20th, I have more time to take more pictures! Do remember to watch the Chingay Parade as you might find me in it! ( The badge above was given to me by a fellow stormtrooper! )