Friday, February 29, 2008

The Ninth Legendary Posting (just kidding)

Today, go to school and do more MATHS!!! Ha ha, got back some test papers and passes them averagely. Also, i search for solutions for the 3x3x3 Rubik's cube and still a little rusty. Hope that i can find a 4x4x4 Rubik's cube!^^ If got find one, tell me where to buy!!! Today, NCC play soccer and do drill like a normal training. Then, play a game on Dota. Got the most kills but still lost the match.

Remember, always memories A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Eighth Post^^ (and it possible can touch everybody's hearts....)

Today's common test was chemistry and Physics. After school, then go to MacDonald again to teach A.maths. Teach until 7pm and go to my English tuition till 9pm. Then i decided to run to there is not because of Xinyi or anybody. Clarence and his GIRLFRIEND, EUGENA!!!!!! , kept saying :"hey, he ran don't know how many KM for you leh." I chose to run because of my passion of teaching, or something. By doing this, Mr Lee's effort WON'T GO IN VAIN!!! (hope he can see this.^^) HAHA!!!!

Remember, always memories A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Seventh Posting in my blog!^^

Today, early morning play audition with myself and then play Dota with Tse Kang, Kai Heng, Ze Hong and Josen. Don't know why today many people's warcraft(kai and i) always got problem one. In the end, we all still lose.(rather difficult to win....) Then, go for piano lesson, and play here play there. Grade 3 exam almost coming up!! Go to Mavis tuition and learn more A.maths! I practically owned that subject, but still there is more improvement. After that go down to MacDonald to study a little bit and eat my dinner. Then, they all go to a place call what "Future", I don't know what that is so i got suspicious. But, in the end, it's just a playground. By the way, I now then realize Clarence Lum Lian Kai and Eugena Phang Shi Yue STEAD!!! OMG, but also felt good for them. Because sometimes relationship is about two person being together. But, i am not a expert on this matter of subject. See them at school "鬼鬼祟祟" like nobody's business, then at MacDonald holding hands like never going to be separated. Go to the "Future" play a turning around and i was as stiff as a log. Then we played a card game called"Heart Attack", because Rowena tell me to blog it. Then went home bathe and watch final episode of "公主小妹" and then seat here blogging.

Remember, always memories A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Sixth Posting(this might be good...)

Today, woke up and I didn't do any of my exercise because today got Chinese and E.maths 'N' test. Common test to be exact! Of course, i got prepare by reading a few stuff before the test started. The Chinese test I almost cannot so but quickly got through it. Ha ha! But, for E.maths 'N' common test was rather easy! HA HA HA!!! But, of course every little thing have a bad side. Around 3 to 6 marks might be gone. sobs.... After all the test, I go home and play one game and the go group study then come back and blog. HA HA!!! logarithms trigonometry and differentiation RULEZ!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


The Fifth Post (and i thought i never reach here...)

Today, i woke up and i saw my brother playing computer. I just pretend to sleep and want to scare him but i just don't care. The internet was not working at first and i restarted it. I was afraid that the computer cannot switch on, buy it worked! Then, i play warcraft and play. Play play play and it's time for my piano lesson. By the way, my piano skill aren't that good but it's still ok, i guess. Then, after that and i carry on playing. Till around 8pm, IT"S BLOGGING TIME!!! Also, watching "公主小妹" DVD. That's all folks!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Fourth Post^^

Today was like no other. First two period was E.maths and we covered bearings...(i think). After that was Chinese and i got 37 out of 70. So, i think it is good because the highest score in the class was 46. In PE, we got to try out Javelin. We throw here throw there like nobody's business. At recess, we play soccer and after that was E.maths O level(CME) and then i came home and blog, blog and....hahax^^

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Third post, finally....

Today is like every single day. Do maths and have PE. Do physics and secretly do some maths. Do Social Studies and do more maths(again). Eat at recess and played football. Despite we lost but we are still in the lead^^. Listen to assembly and do geography and do chemistry and finally.... More MATHS!!!! After school, got 'O' level lessons and studied on vectors (chapter 4) after that and went home. Now, still watching Red vs Blue season 5, ha ha ha .. ..(got play dota)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Second Post......

Today was quite ok. Also, it is Chinese new year eve. We all go to school and do nothing but watch the celebration of Chinese new year. In the concert, there was Chinese opera, CLDDS, and all things Chinese. By the way, our classmates, Joanna, Derek, Jie Yi and last but not least Zhi Ting. They are from the Wushu CCA. Also, we won 3rd place in the class decoration but we did not won the hamper competition. After the celebration, Mr Lee treated us with some food, don't know why. Maybe he happy or something... After that, i go to Clarence's house and play Mahjong. Play and play then go home spring cleaning. Around at this time, i still watching Red vs Blue Season 2 to 4 (maybe 5 because still watching) and wish all the people i know a happy Chinese new year!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

My First Original Post!

Today was like no other. School and study all day long....Until A.Maths!!! I don't know why i like A.Maths. After doing for quite a time, i kind of felt that A.Maths was attached to me somehow. Slowly, i began the understanding of A.Maths. A.Maths like all maths is ordinary, but when you put your heart and soul into it, it can open a new way in your life. Treasure what you have now and study hard for the better future! Enough of A.Maths, i today got GCE 'O' level E.Maths and tomorrow got a test on probability and i afraid that i was not ready for it. But, in my mind, i know all the things i have learn so do not be afraid. Just go for it!! In any other cases, i play Dota using bounty hunter and he was good to use. Maybe i can consider him as my next in line heroes beside my main, Terrorblade and the rest are Lich and Razor. i also considering Gorgon but Tk also going to use so i must win him some how!!! That is it for today. tune in the next day for upcoming news cause everything is cool with flux!(hahax...)