Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Second Post......

Today was quite ok. Also, it is Chinese new year eve. We all go to school and do nothing but watch the celebration of Chinese new year. In the concert, there was Chinese opera, CLDDS, and all things Chinese. By the way, our classmates, Joanna, Derek, Jie Yi and last but not least Zhi Ting. They are from the Wushu CCA. Also, we won 3rd place in the class decoration but we did not won the hamper competition. After the celebration, Mr Lee treated us with some food, don't know why. Maybe he happy or something... After that, i go to Clarence's house and play Mahjong. Play and play then go home spring cleaning. Around at this time, i still watching Red vs Blue Season 2 to 4 (maybe 5 because still watching) and wish all the people i know a happy Chinese new year!!!!

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