Monday, March 7, 2011

One Hundred and Thirty-Eighth Posting ............... ( lol, long time never post..)

Yo yo yo... This is what I did for my weekend.. =)

I went to Suntec Convention Centre to see the Comifest. But, the place wasn't what I expected. It was rather a small, long row at lvl 3 and a number of cosplayer but I didn't stick long when I finished this....

Yes, I drew this picture... Name: Ikaros Anime: Sora No Otoshimono

My sketch with others drawings.

I was LOL-ed a bit by the colored sketch...

Well, I don't know whether it comes as a surprise or not, but I have been drawing/sketching for some time liao.. Also, I created a page on Facebook with the alias name: "TD 7416". You can also help support it by liking it too! But, I only got 2 pictures up for now...

Click here!!

Now, I am able to take requests now, since I also rarely watch alot of animes. I only watch like 3 or 4 animes... -__-". Do support!!