Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Thirteen Posting...(No. 1 MODE!!!!)

On 28th March 2008, my fellow specialist and i embark on a journey on a quest to obtain a Army uniform called, No. 1. The uniform is white, along with a black pants with a red line by the side. It is my 2nd time wearing it but the feeling is different. The first time i wore the uniform, it was on the Singapore Youth Festival(SYF). I still remember i was at the first row, fourth from the right. too bad no picture as proof. Ze Hong, Augustine, and two other guys which i forgot how to spell their name was with me. On that day, I arrived to school at around 11am to 12pm. Because Serene and her gang wanted to take photos before the photo shoot and parade rehearsal. We got to wear our No. 1 for the photo shoot but too bad the NPCC people cannot wear their No. 1 to take photo. After that, we all got ready to have our parade rehearsal and after that it was our real parade. When we all got ready at our form-up-point(FUP). The weather does not seems to be on our side as it got sound of a lighting. But, luckily the weather did not got worse. But too bad i cannot see myself on screen. LIVE footage some more, and i still cannot watch myself. After the parade, we all still get together, NCC and NPCC to take photo again. Just have to obtain either a SANA or a energy conservation badge then my left side of badge would be complete.^^

Remember, always memorize A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Twelve Posting...(no much to comment on title)^^

Today was the day day of the new timetable. Nothing much to do on school, i think... PE was only given running then nothing else was given. Recess play soccer and i did not eat anything during that time. Blah Blah and go to Hougang Stadium to run for the school's sports heats. Today, i run for 200m, 1.5 km and the 4x 100m relay run. After that then i realize that i forgotten to bring my keys home and i stupidly sit at Macdonald for about 15 minutes. when i called my mother to ask where my brother was, he was at his friend's house playing halo 3. So, i go up to take the keys. but, due to my curiosity. i went in and played halo 3. Playing finish the xbox 360 game, we went back home and i bath and buy dinner and go to Compass Point to buy another 4x4x4 Rubik's revenge cube because mine shattered into a million pieces. Who knew that the 4x4x4 Rubik's revenge cube was sold out! so, i show off a little bit by displaying my knowledge of the 4x4x4 live and everybody was amazed by my spectacular display on the cube. Blah blah blah and blah, went back home play Command and Conquer Generals: ZERO HOUR and blogging....

Remember, always memorize A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Eleventh Post...(keep counting because there is more from where that came from!!!!)

Yesterday, didn't get the chance to blog about yesterday. Early in the morning go to Dhoby Ghaut and planning to walk from there. Instead, i have gone for a orienteering around central of Singapore. From Dhoby Ghaut, i gone around the Istana Park or something. Then i go and look at the map. The Singapore Management University (SMU) is near the cathay cineleisure. So, when i got there, i was heading north instead of south-east. Then, i hop on a train ride from Orchard to City Hall. From there, figuring out the place was easy but getting there was a little work. Running there was pretty hard. After getting there, i was sweating like hell. After that head on home and prepare for A.maths tuition. We did a few work on Trigonometry and then work on the new A.maths topic Kinematic. It's simple, but i rather work on Logarithms, ha ha. After that, then play com.. For today, nothing special for today. Play the Rubik's Revenge Cube(4x4x4 Rubik's cube) and can it a day. HAH AHAH HAHA !!!!!

Remember, always memorize A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Tenth Posting and the First for March^^

Today was ok but i got the weirdest dream last night. I would like to post it to my blog but don't know want to or not. Just to leak a a little idea of my dream, it is about love. There you have it, a little bit of the weird dream and i cannot stop thinking about it. Hope i don't forget it. Anyway, people keep saying that my blog is dead or what. It's not, just that i don't know what to write about. Last Wednesday was like a maths marathon from 8am to 12:30pm, i was at school remedial for E.maths and A.maths. Then, go to Mavis for 3 hours of A.maths then 5:45 to 7:15pm again was A.maths then 7:30 to 9pm was another E.maths tuition. MATHS MARATHON RULES!!! By the way, tomorrow or Monday, i might be a little bit emo or something...

Remember, always memorize A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.