Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Eleventh Post...(keep counting because there is more from where that came from!!!!)

Yesterday, didn't get the chance to blog about yesterday. Early in the morning go to Dhoby Ghaut and planning to walk from there. Instead, i have gone for a orienteering around central of Singapore. From Dhoby Ghaut, i gone around the Istana Park or something. Then i go and look at the map. The Singapore Management University (SMU) is near the cathay cineleisure. So, when i got there, i was heading north instead of south-east. Then, i hop on a train ride from Orchard to City Hall. From there, figuring out the place was easy but getting there was a little work. Running there was pretty hard. After getting there, i was sweating like hell. After that head on home and prepare for A.maths tuition. We did a few work on Trigonometry and then work on the new A.maths topic Kinematic. It's simple, but i rather work on Logarithms, ha ha. After that, then play com.. For today, nothing special for today. Play the Rubik's Revenge Cube(4x4x4 Rubik's cube) and can it a day. HAH AHAH HAHA !!!!!

Remember, always memorize A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.

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