Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Forty-Second Posting......(My days at overseas...)

What can I start with.... 19 Nov, got very early to catch the plane like 5 or 6 am and reached to Guangzhou around 10 or 11 am. Nothing much to do for that day. Also, we stayed at a hotel and that was a surprise. 20 Nov, we went to the city's zoo because my brother said that he wanted to go there. Got many panda as some were from Sichuan. Also, got to see the Koala twins. The people say that seeing a Koala to give birth to a twins is very rare. 21 Nov, took an early train ride to Hong Kong and stayed at my father's apartment. 22 Nov to 28 Nov, mostly spent walking around Hong Kong. 28 Nov when back to Guangzhou and 29 Nov back to Singapore!!! When got back to Singapore, i was feeling very hot.... Lol. Anyways, how's everybody doing when i was gone? write at my cbox. hahahhahha....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Forty-First Posting.........(The NEW CLASS T-SHIRT!!!)

Well, I had used one of my white shirt to produce a trial T-shirt look.



I know that it might not look as well as the draft (or even worst..), use your mind to innovate new ideas for the T-shirt. Also, I might come up with new designs. HAHAHA!! Nonetheless, I wish good luck for the people taking 'O' Chinese tomorrow!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Fortieth(40) Posting.....( After the 'O' level for me)

Well, what can I start typing... First, I think that relationship now might not be the best idea now. What can I say? Maybe I need to wait a little longer or find the right girl... Secondly, Red vs Blue Reconstruction had finally finish their first season. I don't think any of you watch it, but it is a long holiday...go take a peek at "" !!! If anyone want to watch the "Red vs Blue" seasons, just ask me. "Red vs Blue" and "Red vs Blue Reconstruction" is different. Thirdly, I am thinking of making another T-shirt.



It is all the Laws of Logarithm. LOL Log and Logarithm, that's the joke.
Well, I not sure whether any of you want or not. If you want, just give me a white T-shirt and i would give you the next day. I guarantee that you will like it. Or, if you have any design, just tell me! Hopefully, that the T-shirt can be our "Class T-shirt"... I'm telling you that it won't happen one. hahahhaha.

"Church = Alpha Tex = Omega Wyoming = Gamma Washington = Epsilon"
Red vs Blue Reconstruction Characters