Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Fortieth(40) Posting.....( After the 'O' level for me)

Well, what can I start typing... First, I think that relationship now might not be the best idea now. What can I say? Maybe I need to wait a little longer or find the right girl... Secondly, Red vs Blue Reconstruction had finally finish their first season. I don't think any of you watch it, but it is a long holiday...go take a peek at "" !!! If anyone want to watch the "Red vs Blue" seasons, just ask me. "Red vs Blue" and "Red vs Blue Reconstruction" is different. Thirdly, I am thinking of making another T-shirt.



It is all the Laws of Logarithm. LOL Log and Logarithm, that's the joke.
Well, I not sure whether any of you want or not. If you want, just give me a white T-shirt and i would give you the next day. I guarantee that you will like it. Or, if you have any design, just tell me! Hopefully, that the T-shirt can be our "Class T-shirt"... I'm telling you that it won't happen one. hahahhaha.

"Church = Alpha Tex = Omega Wyoming = Gamma Washington = Epsilon"
Red vs Blue Reconstruction Characters

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