Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Forty-Second Posting......(My days at overseas...)

What can I start with.... 19 Nov, got very early to catch the plane like 5 or 6 am and reached to Guangzhou around 10 or 11 am. Nothing much to do for that day. Also, we stayed at a hotel and that was a surprise. 20 Nov, we went to the city's zoo because my brother said that he wanted to go there. Got many panda as some were from Sichuan. Also, got to see the Koala twins. The people say that seeing a Koala to give birth to a twins is very rare. 21 Nov, took an early train ride to Hong Kong and stayed at my father's apartment. 22 Nov to 28 Nov, mostly spent walking around Hong Kong. 28 Nov when back to Guangzhou and 29 Nov back to Singapore!!! When got back to Singapore, i was feeling very hot.... Lol. Anyways, how's everybody doing when i was gone? write at my cbox. hahahhahha....

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