Friday, March 19, 2010

One Hundred and Twelve Posting ............ ( More pictures from St Patrick's Day )

Well, this are some of the other pictures during the Irish National Holiday, St Patrick's Day. Also you might find some of these photos in my Facebook profile.

That's me!!!

Photographer: Say "Cheers!", Sandtrooper!
Me: I can't. My mouth cannot move....

What should I do after this rain....any suggestions?

Me: Hey, look at my rifle! Beware!

Arresting a public by choking her using my rifle.

I am so good at this picture, never point my rifle at her.. =)

Taking a photo with a tour group.

Bodyguards of Sir Stamford Raffles.

If you want to see more pictures from the event, just inform me.
Photos taken by Jason.

Monday, March 15, 2010

One Hundred and Eleventh Posting.......... ( A Day as a Trooper at St. Patrick's Day)

Wow! It is a fun, new and exciting new experience I have tasted on Sunday 14th March 2010. Well, the title has already stated the event. Yes, it is the Irish National Holiday, St. Patrick's Day. That day, I had a privilege of wearing a TD (Sandtrooper) armor. The armor belongs to Keith E Moss. I kind of really like wearing armor a lot as: 1) Nobody knows who you are. 2) You can do funky things like nobody's business! 3) You can take pictures with different people (especially girls.... =P) I did not manage upload the pictures from my camera, as the computer is lagging a bit.. But there are some pictures taken by other people. Enjoy!

That is me with the black side piece. Try to notice me!

TK: "Hey Sandie, look there!"

Queuing to take a picture with....who?

Taking with a picture with the public. The other Sandtrooper with the white side piece is Gordon Ho, a dirty but benevolent droid hunter.

I am at the back because I am too tall!!!

See whether have you been paying attention...where am I?

Another test...ha ha..

Marching in the rain... =)

Me: "Hey, hey, wanna check out my rifle?"

The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison.

Friday, March 5, 2010

One Hundred and Tenth Posting ......... ( Werid day )

Today went to Central Manpower Base to had my deferment. Had a few stops because I think I got lost. Without any map or guide, I was traveling blind. Being frustrated, I took a taxi to there. Who knew that the place was quite near to where I was. Wasted about $5 for the ride. I went straight to the counter and I kept repeating the word: "Deferment" for about 5 times in a row. Luckily, the deferment went through! At least, this year, I do not need to report into the Army.... Not that I do not want to go to NS or anything. But, I feel that it is not the time yet to be enlisted to the Army. Well at least I can study in peace now. Went back home and immediately crash onto my bed and slept about 5 hours straight... I have been studying about half of the subjects in the 'A' Level Physics and Maths guide books. Planning to purchase some Ten-year series to do a bit of test...

Topics that I have not covered in Physics: Thermal Physics, Wave Physics, Electrical Physics and Modern Physics

Topics that I have not Covered in Maths: Maclaurin's Series, Integration and Integrals, Differential Equations and Permutations and Combination.

Although, I have not fully mastered the chapters yet, hopefully in the future, I am able to master those topics. Currently, I am doing them as a hobby, then after finishing all the chapters, do something extraordinary... Well then, till next time =)