Friday, March 5, 2010

One Hundred and Tenth Posting ......... ( Werid day )

Today went to Central Manpower Base to had my deferment. Had a few stops because I think I got lost. Without any map or guide, I was traveling blind. Being frustrated, I took a taxi to there. Who knew that the place was quite near to where I was. Wasted about $5 for the ride. I went straight to the counter and I kept repeating the word: "Deferment" for about 5 times in a row. Luckily, the deferment went through! At least, this year, I do not need to report into the Army.... Not that I do not want to go to NS or anything. But, I feel that it is not the time yet to be enlisted to the Army. Well at least I can study in peace now. Went back home and immediately crash onto my bed and slept about 5 hours straight... I have been studying about half of the subjects in the 'A' Level Physics and Maths guide books. Planning to purchase some Ten-year series to do a bit of test...

Topics that I have not covered in Physics: Thermal Physics, Wave Physics, Electrical Physics and Modern Physics

Topics that I have not Covered in Maths: Maclaurin's Series, Integration and Integrals, Differential Equations and Permutations and Combination.

Although, I have not fully mastered the chapters yet, hopefully in the future, I am able to master those topics. Currently, I am doing them as a hobby, then after finishing all the chapters, do something extraordinary... Well then, till next time =)

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