Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Twenty-Forth Posting......(long day at camp PART ONE)

From 27th May to 30th May, a huge number of infantry gathered at that those day to accomplish one very important mission: TO HAVE FUN!!!!! While the cadets are all away, we, the specialist are all doing the hard work. Having remedial and then need to report back to camp. By the way, our camp is at school. Not to mention that i slept through a number of classes. Of battling any obstructions in my way, actually there is only a little. HA HA HA!!!! Day 1, separate the cadets into the following groups: Alexander, Troy and Spartan. At first, i did not knew the names then it all sound strange to me then i realize that it was their group name. HA HA HA!!! Lucky that i don't have to go through the drill session and the Individual Field Craft and Trainfire Revision because i was at remedial and they did not need me. Day 2, they had their so call drill competition that I THINK they did not have. After lunch was their games. That certainly slot in the "to be confirmed" spot. Then, we field cook for our dinner. Honestly, their field cooking is really BAD! Why? Because, largely of them don't even know how to start up the fire or cook the noodles badly. We, the specialist cook much better than them. "For those who cooked magnificently, WELL DONE!!!" That is the first part of this blog Stay tune to the second part of it. BYE!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Twenty-Third Posting........(last day of term 2^^)

Today was quite ok. Although today (incomplete no time!!!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Twenty-Second Posting..........(Ironman freak!!!)

Hi everybody!!! =D Long time no see. How's everybody doing? Fine, i guess? Now, on to the real thing for today. Since a lot of times my computer having it's "daily blue screen event" going on almost every single day, it is quite hard for me to use my computer in a more e-fact-tive way. Today is Vesak day and may i remind you that this is a Public Holiday and my brother and i go and watch "Iron man" the movie and yes it cost $10. OMG!!! Didn't expect that could happen. By the way, i have watched the after credits part. Wasn't really clear to me what it says, only "Who the hell are you?" By Tony Starks. CEO of Starks Industries. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Also, i wrote this because somebody in my cbox wrote that my blog died. In your face! What the heck is this now? HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

"The truth is.....I am Iron Man."

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Twenty-First Posting.........( Start of the new week=D )

Today was rather drag. Physics is quite easy for me, but hope that i pass my combined science. 'O' Level E.maths wasn't that good. Got around 50/80 marks. !@#$%%^ me. Don't know why can get that score. Tomorrow is going to be another fun day. 4 hours and a half of E.maths, 'N' and 'O'. No new aspiration today... Sorry people!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Twentieth Posting.....(Last one for the week, THE WEEK!!!!!)

This few days, my computer keep short-thing out. No time to play because Mid-year is now. Also, my mother is watching me typing my PERSONAL THINGS!! But, i just don't care because it is not like a matter than erupts the whole world or anything. So, how's everybody enjoyed the movie " The Last Samurai ", i know i did enjoyed it. So, this might be the last for this entire week. Until the last of May where our NCC cadets have our annual camp on the late May in school, without good technology. (I wonder can bring the Rubik's cube in the camp?) No more things for now. Bye bye.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Nineteen Posting.......(short but sweet =D )

Hi, everybody and welcome back to my blog. Same as always, i still rather busy this few days and i cannot blog much about it. Anyway, the reason i blog today is that i am bored and got nothing to do except studying. By the way, today at 6:45 pm, Channel 5 will be having a movie called, "Dodgeball". See ya guys at school. I'm Chung Wai Chun, Channel WC Asia..