Monday, May 19, 2008

The Twenty-Second Posting..........(Ironman freak!!!)

Hi everybody!!! =D Long time no see. How's everybody doing? Fine, i guess? Now, on to the real thing for today. Since a lot of times my computer having it's "daily blue screen event" going on almost every single day, it is quite hard for me to use my computer in a more e-fact-tive way. Today is Vesak day and may i remind you that this is a Public Holiday and my brother and i go and watch "Iron man" the movie and yes it cost $10. OMG!!! Didn't expect that could happen. By the way, i have watched the after credits part. Wasn't really clear to me what it says, only "Who the hell are you?" By Tony Starks. CEO of Starks Industries. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Also, i wrote this because somebody in my cbox wrote that my blog died. In your face! What the heck is this now? HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

"The truth is.....I am Iron Man."

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