Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Twenty-Forth Posting......(long day at camp PART ONE)

From 27th May to 30th May, a huge number of infantry gathered at that those day to accomplish one very important mission: TO HAVE FUN!!!!! While the cadets are all away, we, the specialist are all doing the hard work. Having remedial and then need to report back to camp. By the way, our camp is at school. Not to mention that i slept through a number of classes. Of battling any obstructions in my way, actually there is only a little. HA HA HA!!!! Day 1, separate the cadets into the following groups: Alexander, Troy and Spartan. At first, i did not knew the names then it all sound strange to me then i realize that it was their group name. HA HA HA!!! Lucky that i don't have to go through the drill session and the Individual Field Craft and Trainfire Revision because i was at remedial and they did not need me. Day 2, they had their so call drill competition that I THINK they did not have. After lunch was their games. That certainly slot in the "to be confirmed" spot. Then, we field cook for our dinner. Honestly, their field cooking is really BAD! Why? Because, largely of them don't even know how to start up the fire or cook the noodles badly. We, the specialist cook much better than them. "For those who cooked magnificently, WELL DONE!!!" That is the first part of this blog Stay tune to the second part of it. BYE!!!!

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