Monday, March 15, 2010

One Hundred and Eleventh Posting.......... ( A Day as a Trooper at St. Patrick's Day)

Wow! It is a fun, new and exciting new experience I have tasted on Sunday 14th March 2010. Well, the title has already stated the event. Yes, it is the Irish National Holiday, St. Patrick's Day. That day, I had a privilege of wearing a TD (Sandtrooper) armor. The armor belongs to Keith E Moss. I kind of really like wearing armor a lot as: 1) Nobody knows who you are. 2) You can do funky things like nobody's business! 3) You can take pictures with different people (especially girls.... =P) I did not manage upload the pictures from my camera, as the computer is lagging a bit.. But there are some pictures taken by other people. Enjoy!

That is me with the black side piece. Try to notice me!

TK: "Hey Sandie, look there!"

Queuing to take a picture with....who?

Taking with a picture with the public. The other Sandtrooper with the white side piece is Gordon Ho, a dirty but benevolent droid hunter.

I am at the back because I am too tall!!!

See whether have you been paying attention...where am I?

Another test...ha ha..

Marching in the rain... =)

Me: "Hey, hey, wanna check out my rifle?"

The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison.

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