Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Thirteen Posting...(No. 1 MODE!!!!)

On 28th March 2008, my fellow specialist and i embark on a journey on a quest to obtain a Army uniform called, No. 1. The uniform is white, along with a black pants with a red line by the side. It is my 2nd time wearing it but the feeling is different. The first time i wore the uniform, it was on the Singapore Youth Festival(SYF). I still remember i was at the first row, fourth from the right. too bad no picture as proof. Ze Hong, Augustine, and two other guys which i forgot how to spell their name was with me. On that day, I arrived to school at around 11am to 12pm. Because Serene and her gang wanted to take photos before the photo shoot and parade rehearsal. We got to wear our No. 1 for the photo shoot but too bad the NPCC people cannot wear their No. 1 to take photo. After that, we all got ready to have our parade rehearsal and after that it was our real parade. When we all got ready at our form-up-point(FUP). The weather does not seems to be on our side as it got sound of a lighting. But, luckily the weather did not got worse. But too bad i cannot see myself on screen. LIVE footage some more, and i still cannot watch myself. After the parade, we all still get together, NCC and NPCC to take photo again. Just have to obtain either a SANA or a energy conservation badge then my left side of badge would be complete.^^

Remember, always memorize A.maths Formulas before bedtime and after meals because it's part of you.

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