Monday, February 4, 2008

My First Original Post!

Today was like no other. School and study all day long....Until A.Maths!!! I don't know why i like A.Maths. After doing for quite a time, i kind of felt that A.Maths was attached to me somehow. Slowly, i began the understanding of A.Maths. A.Maths like all maths is ordinary, but when you put your heart and soul into it, it can open a new way in your life. Treasure what you have now and study hard for the better future! Enough of A.Maths, i today got GCE 'O' level E.Maths and tomorrow got a test on probability and i afraid that i was not ready for it. But, in my mind, i know all the things i have learn so do not be afraid. Just go for it!! In any other cases, i play Dota using bounty hunter and he was good to use. Maybe i can consider him as my next in line heroes beside my main, Terrorblade and the rest are Lich and Razor. i also considering Gorgon but Tk also going to use so i must win him some how!!! That is it for today. tune in the next day for upcoming news cause everything is cool with flux!(hahax...)

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