Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fifty-Third Posting..............(blogging for fun)

Well, for the last three days including today, a lot of things had happened. Monday, nothing much. Only yesterday was the more interesting part. Apparently, between the test that Mr Goh was giving us, he saw Wei An's Physics textbook on his table and assume that he was cheating. Mr Goh took away and Wei An started to shout at Mr Goh and they soon started bickering. In my opinion, I think Wei An dislike Mr Goh because he is an inexperienced teacher and most of us in the class thinks that we should not have any inexperience teachers because even though we are in normal stream, we should have good and experienced teachers. Now, most of us including Wei An regret that Mr See have gone away for his further studies. Today, the news spread like a wild fire. Even Mr Krishnan also know about the situation. Mr Lee also talked to Wei An about giving Mr Goh a chance to prove to us that he is able to give us the desired grade we want. Also, tomorrow is another A.maths class test. I will, repeat I WILL score a full mark for that test! Tomorrow, I would go through mostly the formulas of Logarithms, Partial Fractions, modulus Function, Linear Law, Plane Geometry and hopefully the entire thing about Trigonometry!!! Although I cannot write all the A.maths formulas in words, I try to scan everything and post it in my blog one day. Also, I am thinking about making a A.maths solution videos and put it in Youtube. Unfortunately, I do not have any video camera. Hopefully, a kind soul would borrow me or I suddenly have a lot of money to buy one myself. HA HA, I so ambitious!

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