Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fifty-First Posting .............. ( The week before Chinese New Year )

Well everybody, it is the day again and it is Chinese New Year! A time where families and relatives come together and have a joyous day celebrating. Today, I so call "Flung" my A.maths test. Mistook the (x+1)² into (x²+1), it turns into Bx+C/(x+1)² instead of B/(x+1) + C/(x+1)². What's done is done and let bygones be bygones. Got a 30/35. Linear law also minus one mark because my graph is basic graph instead of Mr Lee's expected graph. I shall reflect upon my mistakes and TK! You better not write anything on my cbox that is totally stupid or idiotic stuff. Also, Mr Krishnan gave us 7 homework includes spelling and vocab. Today, I have finished the vocab worksheet. I still got Chinese "口语训练" even do yet. Trying to memorize it before Chinese New Year. Now of to sleep, tomorrow got A.maths and English tuition. Hopefully, I can get at least a A2 for Chinese then DROP! HA HA.

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