Sunday, May 2, 2010

One Hundred and Sixteenth Posting .......... (Adidas Street Party )

Hi guys! Well, last Friday night was a fun-filled night. I attended the Adidas Street Party. The armor was still a loan from Keith E Moss, and I take this chance to thank you again for the loan, =). After school, I played a little game of Dota with my new friends in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Hop onto Bus service 61 to Keith's place to get a ride to the Fullerton. Upon arrival, we saw one of the garrison members WEARING his armor to the Fullerton hotel! That was so cool! It was really complimenting on the armor. The armor he wore was the Biker Scout and he was also riding on his motorcycle. See the link? Biker = motorcycle rider... I think you would get it. Well, dinner was basically Nachos, some chewy thing dipped in chocolate, pizzas and some NON-alcoholic fruit juices. After that was suit up and getting ready to START THE PARTY!!!!

Armor on, buckets off.

Armor and buckets ON!

Ha ha, my first picture with a girl in armor!

Well, I know that there isn't much picture, because I could not find anymore pictures... That's kind of unfortunate. But, I hope that there will be more pictures coming up in Facebook. I guess this will be the end of this posting. Make sure to tune into my next post! Thank you!

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