Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Hundred and Seventeen Posting ....... ( Star Wars Day )

Well well well, it is that day for all Star Wars fans. Today is Star Wars Day! To tell the truth, if you all did looked up in my Facebook page, I did a little research on Wikipedia first before posting it up =). Turns out, the phrase: ' May the Force be with you' can be interpreted as ' May the 4th be with you'. Then, slowly the iconic phrase day a special day for all Star Wars fans. Read about half the page of the first book of the Republic Commando series. Let me roughly tell you what the story is about.

It is about a Clone Commander, RC 1136 codename: Darman lost his entire squad during the Battle of Geonosis. Along with Niner, Atin and Fi, they also had the same fate as Darman. Later, they four formed a new squad. Omega Squad. Their first mission is to take out a super weapon that was lethal to all clones of the Republic. Also, they met up with Jedi Apprentice, Etain and together they faced a Mandalorian guy, called Hokan. But the character I am 'going' to be is Fi, and he collected Hokan's armor after his death. Ha ha, got free armor!

Also, during the night, I heard a 'cold' joke from 91.3 Mhz radio station.

The joke was this: What would Master Yoda say to a Padawan before a test?
Answer: Do well the test, you will do.

It is like 'LOL' and ' What the F'... But, anyways whether do you get it or not, then make yourself happy with the joke. Ha ha! =)

Well, I shall conclude today's post with no equation today! Really tired after Triathlon training.... Still remember my 105th posting? Yes, my cca is triathlon. Ha ha! See you guys next time! ^^

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