Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Hundred and Fifteenth Posting ................ ( Quick Post )

Hey hey hey!!! What's up guys! I am going to do a quick posting for today before going to class. Well, I guess that this has been a busy week for my peers and I. Recently, NP opened up a CCA fiesta for the freshmen. Also, our division, Mechanical Engineering and other divisions had a competition yesterday called the Dance 4 Fun. Learned new dancing steps and met new friends. I guess that you might be wondering what CCA am I going to join, right? Well, you would need to tune in next time on my blog... HA HA HA!!!

To top it all, this is today's equation:

The equation is known as Impulse. This relation between impulse and momentum is closer to Newton's wording of the second law. Impulse is a concept frequently used in the analysis of collisions and impacts.

(Delta)P = Momentum of object
m = Mass of object
(Delta)V = Velocity of object

See you guys next time, got to run!

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