Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Hundred and Fourteen Posting .......... ( Chingay Party )

It was a fun night at Keith's place. Had a lot of food and drinks, delicious! Got a certificate from the Chingay Parade... or something, I guess? Watched the videos from the Chingay footage. I got about 30 secs of airtime, SWEET! Also, came back from Camp Parcel from Ngee Ann Poly. It was seriously a fun camp and I enjoyed it very much! New experience and new people to meet. Especially girls.. I think? Not much girls in the Mechanical Engineering Division... All this girls went to either Business and Accountancy or Film and Media Studies... Ha ha, hope to meet more people during the Induction program at 14 April.. Enjoying a bowl of soup now, ha ha... See you readers soon.

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