Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Hundred and Twenty-third Posting .................... ( Common Test Week )

Hi all blog readers... Sorry that I did not really update for the last week or so... I have been quite busy with the tests that are coming this few days. Been going out lately with the Garrison and looks like there might be more to come during June!

Got quite a lot of information from Gordon on how to 'upgrade' my helmet.
Need to purchase, 1) Spongy materials, 2) Black cloth tape, 3) Air freshener or some sort to get rid of the ridiculous smell from my helmet, HA HA HA!

Collected a number of things too, 1) Gordon's Gordonette Patch, 2) A stormtrooper wristband. Although I did not collect much things and that is because I am not yet a full enlisted 501st Legion member. Why? Because I need to wait till 3rd of August, that's when I am 18 and also I need to wait for the Republic Commando armor to be built to register. But for now, I am a friendly, helpful, caring SUPER MINDER with a Republic Commando helmet! Cannot wait till I get my hands on my armor and then...BAMM! Troop everyday with the Legion even though the Republic Commandos move in squads of 4... Then again, sometimes commandos need to work on independent missions due to his different attribute to complete the mission.

Managed to read finished the first book weeks ago and started to move forward to the second one, Republic Commandos: Triple Zero. Also, I have spent my Friday and weekends with my secondary school's NCC camp. Quite OK I guess, since we need not to do much things besides guiding them and advise them during training time.

Well, I shall blog another day as I need to re-read on my test for today. See you guys soon!

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