Friday, June 18, 2010

One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Posting.............( A long hectic holiday )

Sorry everybody!!!!! Sorry that I did not post in my blog for a long time. Ha ha, as you can see, I have changed my background and edited a few things! How's your holiday guys and gals? Having a great time? Well, for me, I am doing just about nothing!!! Everyday, wake up, on laptop, eat lunch, play on laptop and stuff, eat dinner, and then go to sleep. Chat with a new friend lately =).

Need to go to Keith's house and pick up his TD armor for Tuesday's trooping event. Also, Keith have also agreed to allow me to hold on to his TD armor till I get my own armor! Another thing, a sad thing... Turns out, the RC armor is currently halt for the moment.

Probably the next thing for me, is either get a TK or TD armor in order to register into the 501st Legion this year. The problem is that I only saved half the amount of a TK armor. The second thing is to wait till the RC armor resumes and by the time it is done, I would have enough money to purchase the armor on my own.

Still got a lot of stuff to think about... How? I think, let time goes and see that whether got any solutions to solve the problem. So, Adios everyone!

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