Monday, March 30, 2009

The Eighty-Second Posting .............. ( some revision questions )

These are the questions for 30 March 2009.

Today's questions are mainly revision. For Q25, because Mr Lee have not teach vectors yet, I cannot give that type of questions yet. Also, questions about finding nth term, I think that Mr Lee have not gone through yet. As a result, I do not post them yet. For Q26, some of you all are still not very VERY sure about your logarithms. Although these questions are difficult to do, I am going to create a 20 part question on Logarithms, Linear Law, Calculus of Exponential and Trigonometry. ( Calculus means differentiation and integration, did you know that Sir Issac Newton was the one who contributes most of the invention of calculus?) Anyway, if you are unable to switch on your computer or some other reason, you can directly approach me to take down the questions from me.

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