Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Hundred and Thirty-Seventh Posting ............... ( One project down...another one to go... )

OMG!!! Finally I have almost completed the video for Engineering Mech!!! Took a long time to compile and stuff...-__-" A little bit tough at first but with that sudden challenge of it, made the whole process worth while...=) The team consist of Hui Ming, Phyllan, Shidan, Dillon and ME, TD 7416!!! HAHAH!!! Also, we've got a little help from Alvin at one point, so THANK YOU ALVIN!!

Some shots for the video...

1) The phone books

2) Phone books inter-leafed!! Took about an hour or so... -_-"

3) Hui Ming's RC car

4) Shidan's football

Videos will be out by tomorrow or something... so, WAIT!! HAHAH... See you tomorrow guys and girls!!!

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