Friday, December 24, 2010

One Hundred and Thirty-Fifth Posting................. ( Merry Christmas Everyone!!! )

Hey everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I think this is my first Christmas post in 3 years!! HAHA, either that I don't have the time to post or unfortunately missed out on the day to post... -___-||
WELL NO TODAY BOYS AND GIRLS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE again.... Hope you all got what they wanted for Christmas! =)

<=== Even Saber Lily is here to celebrate Christmas Day!!

My little Christmas wish ( Just a little something I thought...)

<===== 1) Saber Lily Dollife Dream ( the ultimate Saber Lily collectible! )

2) Saber Lily Golden Caliburn ( No armor, more surprise! ) ======>

<==== 3) Saber Lily Alter ( Another version of her pose, but more gentle and elegant...=D )

That's about it for today's post, and for those single guys, remember to bring some Mistletoe with berries for a special gift to that special someone!!!

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