Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Hundred and Twenty-Ninth Posting .............. ( Halfway of my days... )


Well, this week is certainly a special one... Monday to Wednesday = First Aid Course! Need it for a little recap on my CPR and stuff. Learn back a few bandaging stuff and got a book to always recap on stuff if I forgot again!

Then, to continue, after Wednesday's First Aid ''Exam'', it is of to Universal Studios Singapore!! HAHAHA! Met up with the Team again and played around USS!! HAHA!! Had a lot of fun around the place! When back home quite late, and late as in 0100 late... HAHA..

Almost forgotten, Halo: Reach came out too!! HAHA, I am like watching Halo: Reach and wanting to PLAY Halo: Reach.... NOBLE TEAM ALL THE WAY!!

There is also another surprise too!! HAHA, Republic Commando, or rather Delta Squad is showing in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 3!! Saw a video on Youtube, when Delta Squad appeared from a transport ship, the crowd went WILD!! They were like cheering and stuff for them! Hope that their appearance is not a brief one, MUST EXTEND to a point where we can see them in action!! Well that's all for this week... HAHA BEWARE! ( I do not know why I said that...)

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