Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Ninty-Ninth Posting ............ ( long time never write blog )

Well, it has been about a month or so never blog already. Now, I using this chance to blog a little while. After much consideration, I decided to carry on my online maths questions, but there will be a few changes.
1) I will only post A.maths questions
2) The questions will only post twice a week

The reason why I only post A.maths question is that my E.maths has already become quite rusty. Also, I believe that with an increasing number of homework given by Mr Lee and Mr Koh, your E.maths is currently quite difficult to handle already. The next reason that I only post 2 questions per week is that I am not sure the number of people that are trying the questions. I might be posting up questions for fun or something. With your support, I hope that I can help you all as best as I can. If you still have any questions to ask me about either E or A, feel free to approach me.

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