Monday, June 29, 2009

The Ninty-Seventh Posting ............. ( 1st day of term 3 )

Well, the day has come for all of us to go back to school again. Not a encouraging first day I might add because of the " Yellow Warriors " all around school in the morning. But, everything worked well except for A.maths lesson. Mr Lee suddenly posted a weird question about polynomials. The question ask us, the equation f(x) has roots equal to 1/3, 5 and -2 and f(-1) = 24. Since (x-1/3) and (3x - 1) can give us x = 1/3. But, for ( x - 1/3) being as one of the roots, it does not satisfy the f(-1) = 24. Then, he come up with another notion that ( x - 1/3) is another answer, provided we multiply another 3 to the equation. Does not it means that 3( x - 1/3) = (3x - 1) ? It is like telling a short story long. Overall, weird day... Also Mr Krishnan gave us a lot of homework and he says that this is a welcome back gift. Ok, I am done for the day. Be reminded, my Online Maths questions should be running soon, hope you all can come by and do some maths question on your free time. Thanks and have a wonderful day. ( This is an figurine )

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