Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Ninty-Third Posting ......... ( sudden pop by )

I was quite glad that Mr Koh set a tough A.maths paper 2 because he let us see what A.maths have to offer. I do not know about you guys and girls that have done the A.maths paper 2 of prelim 1, one of the questions that shows a sector with two circles in it. The first proving I totally dropped my jaw. Because anything I drew on the diagram does not make any sense at all. Until I asked my A.maths tuition teacher, Mr Kelvin Ng. (continue below)

Anyways, tomorrow is my last paper, Physics and Chemistry. Chemistry only consist of MCQ only. But, I have total confidence in getting an A1 for my combined science exam. For Monday's E.maths Prelim 1 exam, if you require help or any assistance, feel free to appoarch me but I cannot work on Saturday afternoon. If you want an early help, tell me as soon as possible. I would try my best to assist you.

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