Monday, September 15, 2008

The Thirty-Sixth Posting.........(Got nothing to do expect do A.maths)

Got nothing to do except A.maths. Also, for no reason that i just received a letter about ITE Simei. Hopefully they have not set targets on me...THAT WOULD BE FREAKY!!!!! After all, my maths is good after attending the Mavis Additional Mathematics Tuition. HAHAHA!!!! Don't know why my maths suddenly became that good. But. in any other case, they might be able to surpass me at next year. Logarithms, Partial Fractions, Linear Law, Coordinate Geometry, Differentiation of Trigonometry and Exponential Functions, Integration of Trigonometry and Exponential Functions and Kinematic. Lot's of things for most of my classmates to handle. Hopefully, i can help them in some other way. Logarithms i can quite handle so it is not a problem. Partial Fraction is a topic need to know somethings about changing the denominator then find some certain value. Linear Law we last year and so not to difficult once we know the application of Logarithms. The rest is I don't have anymore time to write, but fear not, i shall continue!!!! Stay Tuned!!!!

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