Monday, July 7, 2008

The Twenty-Eighth Posting..........(Celebrating someone's birthday!!)

Yesterday, Alyssa, Joanna, Swee Ling, Jie Yi, Xin Zhi, Tse Kang, Kuan Yew and me go to Pasir Ris to celebrate Zhi Ting's birthday!!! (yeah) We took the bus service No. 89 to Pasir ris but we overshot the bus stop and go to Changi. We then took a walk and rode on bus 89 back to Pasir ris. We then rent bike and stuff. Unfortunately, they didn't rent roller skates and i was sad. No choice but to rent bike. This was stupid because i everyday ride bike to school. Even at outside also must ride bike...holy shit-X!!!! While riding the bike, we had a few collision courses. A classic example was Alyssa and Jie Yi. Don't know for what reason they go bang each other and BANG!!!!! they got slight injury but they are fine(i suppose...) Then we go to the beach and play with sand and 'learn" geography about coast and rivers. Took a few pictures and walk to the new E!hub which was a shopping center i wasn't aware(so was my mother). It is a new shopping center near the downtown east area and my mother say" OH!!!! I KNOW!!!" There also got a cosplay event and Beatrice was there. I don't know what she was wearing. We go to White Sands and eat McDonald and suddenly, Joelyn popped out of nowhere. We say hi to each other. After that, we go and take neoprint and play arcade. Shoot and drive, I won Tse Kang because he NOOB!!!!! After that, around one or two hour later. We stood at the entrance of White Sands
and suddenly again Joelyn popped out of nowhere is we say bye bye to each other. After that, Tse Kang and Swee Ling go and take taxi home( Xiu Er, don't be jealousy. Tse Kand is sincere about you!!!! ) The rest of the gang took 89 and when home. hahahahaha!!!!!!

No special quotes today, SORRY!!!!!!

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