Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Seventeen Posting.....(spent the entire day at SCH^^)

On 12th April 2008, 30 members of the backstage crew fought long and hard for this day and we finally got it through. During the morning, we woke up and meet at school at around 8am. We started to move in the chairs and ELDDS's things. Then, we head on to the Singapore Conference Hall. When we reached the SCH, we discovered a very crucial mistake on the banner on the stage. The word "Enchanting" became "Echanting". Hahahahahhaahha. We then set-up the CO's arrangement and mark the arrangement and carry on with the rest of the the other arrangements.
Listening to their music piece for like 2 weeks already. The audience seating seem small but as we counted, it can hold up to over 700 plus, i think... After lunch, the other performers came and then practice their performance. International Dance, Chinese Dance and other CCA groups. They practice until 6pm and then we all prepare the real thing! At 7pm plus, i message my friends whether are they coming now or what. Too bad i must switch off my hand phone. When during the change, I was like slowly arranging the chairs in a fast way so i can find my friends. But, cannot see them as too many people and they all seem small. Continue on the concert, I keep finding them and arrange chairs. Luckily, we did not screw up or anything. Towards the end of the show, we, the backstage had done the coolest pose in the entire show. Hahahhahhhaah. But, too bad we are the last one to take the bus back to school. When back to school, eat "hello panda" and got home at around 11pm. That is why i got no time to blog yesterday. Hhahhahahahha!!!!

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